Time to reflect

It’s been an interesting 18 months. I started my Journalism and Public Relations joint honours degree with a very different idea of what I was getting myself in for. I rather fancied a career as a Kiwi Samantha Jones*. I have since learnt that there is a more to PR than meets the eye. Oh … More Time to reflect

What’s in a date?

Candlelight, great conversation and a cheeky kiss to end. There is no real recipe for dating success, but most would consider this a pretty good place to start. Personally I prefer dates that are a little out of the ordinary. It makes quite the first impression. I played laser tag with children on a first … More What’s in a date?

Clue 9

Cookies. There is something to be said about a good cookie. When discussing our “blogging treasure hunt” today in my PR class, all I could think about was cookies. Confused? Head to olliejoeblogs for the next clue. If you have arrived from floggingtheblog, not long to go now…..keep it up!

Paris, je t’aime.

It has been a terrible day for humanity. What happened in Paris overnight is an unspeakable act of terrorism designed to hurt and frighten the public. It can only be described as horrific. My heart bleeds for all those caught up or affected by these deplorable acts. One takeaway from these senseless acts is the … More Paris, je t’aime.