“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

Recently we have seen a shift in the sands of PR beneath in our feet which will change the face of PR drastically over the coming years. One thing that will stand fast is that PR is about telling stories and creating interesting content – this will not change. But we may have to tweak our approach to the creation and sharing of this content. We have, at our fingertips, advancements in technology that allow us to reach a much larger audience, and target them in ways we never thought possible. The world is our proverbial PR oyster.

In many ways, the future of PR hinges on the Google search. If we are able to capitalise on the all important SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we will be able to directly influence the future of PR. We have seen SEO departments integrate with marketing rather than create their own separate department. This merge is usually because of one common goal – to promote the business. Many PR agencies have picked up on this trend and are now offering SEO services to companies. (72% of PR agencies now offer SEO services*)

What does this mean for content? The importance that is being placed on SEO means that the world is clueing up to Google’s powerful position. We no longer want to see only traditional paid for media, but earned content that has made its way to the top of the google search list.

Then there is the shrinking of the fields of advertising and journalism to consider. Advertising is unlikely to completely die out, but we will see the industry include current PR practices in their business models going forward. Cuts in the journalism industry mean that there is often a struggle to make content quotas (especially since the advent of 24 hour news). PR is in a perfect position to help fill these holes in content production, provided that it is quality content. Even forward thinking PR agencies are already dabbling in content production.

There is no doubt about it – it is an exciting time for PR:

“To be effective in today’s media landscape, candidates and organizations must not only make smart use of evolving tools and resources, but they must also respect some tried-and-true maxims of communication – things that are as relevant today as they were decades ago.“ (Collamore, 2015)

If we are able to capitalise on current opportunities in the digital media landscape and create quality content then the future for PR is very bright. Let’s go create the future!


Word Count: 422

*According to the Public Relations Consultants Association’s (PRCA) Digital PR Report 2013


Risi, J. (2014) PR Week. Available from: http://www.prweek.com/article/1298780/risi-five-ways-navigate-todays-changing-media-landscape-maximize-business-impact [Accessed 5 December 2015]

Collamore, T. (2015) PR Week. Available from: http://www.prweek.com/article/1373447/5-ways-break-todays-media-landscape [Accessed 5 December 2015]


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