Think happy holiday thoughts

It’s started. Winter is coming.

Given it’s almost the end of November, we have managed to get off lightly. We actually turned on our central heating this week. For the first time.

Personally, the quick change in weather excites me as it means I am one step closer to my holiday of summer and sunshine. Come December, I will be leaving the cold, grey, wet shores of the UK and jetting across to the other side of the world to my first home, New Zealand. It’s been 18 months since my last visit, and I’m definitely looking forward to that quintessential Kiwi hospitality.

NZ pic
Probably not a real signpost – thanks Google

But before that, I have a mountain of university work to carve my way though. This term they have really piled it on – not in first year any more kids! Add to that my part time job that takes up two and a half days a week, and I barely have time to think, let alone tackle Mount Doom.

And breathe…..

Panic attack aside, I’ve been having a great time planning our New Zealand trip. I’m bringing my boyfriend along with me – well, actually, he is already there. He’s doing “sciencey” stuff at Auckland University for three weeks before I get the chance to show him the incredible beauty that is New Zealand.

It’s been almost a decade since I’ve played “tour guide”, and I am feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve about it. I’ve designed a very ambitious itinerary that means I get to be as much of a tourist as Mr Science. We get to go to Hobbiton. We get to go black water rafting. Tom gets a go on the canyon swing (I’m way too chicken for that…..)

To say I’m excited would be the understatement of the year.

16 sleeps until I can get on that plane – wish me luck!

Tess x


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